Broker Network

We believe in building and sustaining successful long term partnerships with brokers and their clients that focus on adding value to every broker we partnership with and every business we insure. 

We achieve this through a diverse range of products that meet the vast majority of our client's insurance needs and first-class underwriting support teams. It means we are always geared to deliver decisive underwriting linked to the best service standards. 

Key to our long term partnerships is our selective approach to the number and quality of authorised brokers and agents we work with. Our underwriters work very closely with our broking partners, keeping up to date with developments and resolving issues face to face. This hands-on approach means our underwriters are always able to offer a knowledgeable and personal service. 

When you work with Berkley Insurance Australia you will discover that our objective is to provide the efficient, stable and risk-free environment in which brokers and businesses can thrive.