When my dining table became my home office

Sandra Geisler, Underwriter - Melbourne | 30 MAR 2020

I usually have flowers on my dining table and great people around for wonderful conversations over food.  But for now it is just me, my indoor tree and the screens that are stacked on some books on my dining table (as a side note, I do feel very fortunate to be


Working from Home has Become our New Norm

Berkley Insurance Australia | 30 MAR 2020

Working from home has become the new norm, especially in the last few weeks.


Berkley Insurance Australia - COVID-19

Berkley Insurance Australia | 24 MAR 2020

Berkley Insurance Australia (BIA), in line with government health recommendations and World Health Organisation guidelines, is taking precautionary measures in line with the information that is available to protect the health and welfare of our employees and surrounding communities in these challenging times.


Berkley Insurance Australia is a Finalist for Insurance In-House Team of the Year 2020

Berkley Insurance Australia | 23 MAR 2020

Berkley Insurance Australia (BIA) Australia’s specialist Insurer has been recognised for its dedication to service by the prestigious Australasian Law Awards 2020.  Their expert claims team has been selected as a finalist for Insurance In-House Team of the Year.


Public & Product Liability Insurance Vs Professional Indemnity Insurance

Berkley Insurance Australia | 10 MAR 2020

What Is Public and Product Liability Insurance? Public and Product Liability Insurance (PPL) protects you and your business against financial loss arising from your legal liability to pay compensation to a third party when they have suffered a personal injury, property damage or an advertising injury.  This injury or damage must be


Why Is The Insurance Market Hardening

Kirsty Owens -State Manager SA & National Portfolio Manager SVU | 3 MAR 2020

The insurance market is cyclical, moving through both hard and soft markets. A soft market is generally characterised by low rates, high limits and readily available cover. In a hard market premiums increase and capacity will generally decrease. This can be caused by a number of factors:   • falling investment returns /