W. R. Berkley Insurance Australia Developments

W. R. Berkley Insurance Australia | 28 FEB 2014

Motor, General Liability, Website and App release.

At W. R. Berkley Insurance Australia we are continually looking for ways to improve our service and product range in support of our broker partners. In the coming weeks we will be adding new product lines, increasing our capacity on an existing line, launching a new Website and making a Mobile Phone App available for ease of access to our information.

Motor Product targeting Heavy Motor and Commercial fleet W. R. Berkley Insurance Australia is extending its product range to include a Heavy Motor and Commercial Fleet offering for our Broker partners. This new product line adds to the current Professional Lines and Liability focus and is another move toward product diversification following our support of QUS Strata Underwriting agency last year.

W. R. Berkley Insurance Australia is a strong well positioned brand, prepared for sustainable long term growth with an “A+” Standard and Poor’s security rating.

We see an opportunity in the motor market with some consolidation and contraction occurring in that space. We believe the motor product will allow us to capitalise on our Expertise, Service, Security and Claims Support philosophy and feel confident in delivering a strong product, designed and priced for Motor brokers to place business with the quality security offered by our company.

John Bottomley - National Underwriting Manager Motor brings strong expertise to the Motor product and will focus on Heavy Motor, Sedan Light Commercial and Mobile Plant business. John is supported by a team of state based underwriters who will work with brokers focussed on motor insurance and offer competitive pricing options. Risk management will be a key feature of the product offering and claims will initially be managed by Gallagher Bassett with whom we have developed a strong partnership.

We are looking forward to releasing our quality motor products via highly experienced and service focused motor managers in each key State. Our motor managers are market facing and empowered decision makers, authorised and able to transact most motor insurance business.

For more information, contact

John Bottomley
National Underwriting Manager Motor
Ph: 07 3232 1169 – jbottomley@wrberkley.com

Barry Ung
QLD & NT Motor Manager
Ph: 07 3232 1161 – btung@wrberkley.com

Tim Moore
VIC & TAS Motor Manager
Ph: 03 8319 4031 – temoore@wrberkley.com

Richard Dettmer
WA & SA Motor Manager
Ph: 08 9380 8326 – rdettmer@wrberkley.com

General Liability capacity increased to $50m

W. R. Berkley Insurance Australia entered the general liability market in 2009 and has developed a strong portfolio covering a range of industries and professions. We are pleased to announce that with effect from 1st March 2014 our maximum capacity in this product will be increased from $20m to $50m and will be available on a range of target industries.

The portfolio is now of a size where we are being asked more regularly to provide higher limits. Many customers now demand limits higher than $20m as a result of their own contractual arrangements and we are pleased to be able to accommodate that demand.

For more information, contact your local W. R. Berkley representative, or call 02 9275 8500.

A new website

At W. R. Berkley Insurance Australia we pride ourselves on providing outstanding Service and Expertise, excellent Security and a strong Claims Support philosophy. Our underwriters are experienced and empowered to provide a response and our claims managers are focussed on helping your clients to work through the issues in what is usually a very difficult time.

To provide you with even greater visibility of our capabilities we have developed a new website that will give you access to all of our information brochures, wordings, appetite statements and contact details. This new website is specific to our business in Australia and will be updated with relevant news and product information as we continue to expand our products and services.

We would encourage you to visit the site and save it as one of your favourites to ensure you can return and see how we can help support your business needs. www.berkleyinaus.com.au

An iPhone and Android App for when you are on the move

In addition to our new website we are developing an App for iPhone and Android mobile devices so that you can take all of our relevant details with you whilst you are on the move. The app will initially provide you with product information and contact details and will be expanded with new features throughout the year. We have a lot of plans in the pipeline and access to our smartphone App will give you up to date information at your fingertips.

About W. R. Berkley Insurance Australia

W. R. Berkley Insurance Australia’s Head office is based in Sydney, with offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Our commitment to a national presence allows us to be close to our market and enables better service delivery to our broker networks with local people.

Traditionally, we write various Financial Lines, Liability and Property products, of which, some will have great synergy with motor clients, particularly the heavy motor and large sedan fleet business.

At W. R. Berkley insurance Australia we are committed to providing you with great products supported by underwriters who can provide real Expertise and Service with the backing of our S&P A+ security and our Claims Support Philosophy

About W. R. Berkley Corporation

W. R. Berkley Corporation commenced business in 1967 and is now a fortune 500 company which listed in October 1973, head office is domiciled in Greenwich, Connecticut USA with offices throughout Europe, South America, Asia and of course, Australia.

Currently, GWP $6Bn USD and assets of $20Bn USD. Generally, W. R. Berkley prefers to operate in niche markets, utilising people who have specialised knowledge required to deliver a strong brand to market.